Going Green

How Can White Vinyl Be "Green"??

Leaky drafty windows in the United States consume 30 percent of building heating and cooling energy, representing an annual impact of 4.1 Quadrillion BTU's of primary energy consumed. (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

"Energy Star" rated windows and doors must meet energy efficiency levels to promote total energy savings and reduce our dependance on foreign oil. Vinyl framed windows and doors, built for strength and insulating qualities, combined with Dual Paned "LowE2 or LowE3 Glass" create total energy savings and comfort. Add to it "Argon Gas" and "Super Spacer" glass separation unit that will dramatically reduce solar heat gain in summer, while maintaining winter time warmth.

According to a recent homeowner survey, window and door replacement reduces energy costs, creates a safer home and healthier living environment(eliminates molds), and demonstrates a message to others that going "green" is the right thing to do for the environment.

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